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Refresh your Chi
with Movement

Tai Chi Chih
Medical Qigong
Gokhale Method

Meet Roberta Cooks, MD

Certified Wellness Practitioner

A physician who trained as a psychiatrist, Roberta spent much of her medical career in the museum industry, creating health-related exhibitions.

She not only provides personalized in-person workshops in and around Philadelphia, where she lives. but online classes and coaching, as well.

Due to the covid pandemic, these gentle movement exercises are currently offered one-on-one online coaching sessions.  

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MovingChiMD Specializes In ...

Resetting your
natural body movements

Posture enhancement for
back pain relief

easy movements


Protecting, healing
& strengthening

your body

Personalized gentle movement

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The unimpeded circulation of chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine.

"I wanted to try anything that would help my back pain.  I was surprised that practicing such simple, comfortable movements would give me some relief.  The Gokhale Method works for me."

- Robert G.

"After working with Roberta for several Qigong sessions, I find that my mind is quieter and I focus more easily on my other projects."

- Sanjav P.

“Roberta's Tai Chi Chih moving meditations are so relaxing.  My body feels more comfortable moving around in my daily routines.  This is a great stress reliever for me."

- Tshia B.

Discover movement
that calms your mind and nourishes your chi...

Our programs

    release your stress . . . .

   and refresh your body . . . .

through conscious movement

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