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Moving Meditation Programs

Moving Meditation Roberta Cooks MD

T'ai Chi Chih® Moving Meditation Practice

This moving meditation practice of 19 gentle movements helps to activate and circulate our vital life force. The movements are based on thousands of years of Eastern Medicine practice that have strong healing effects on the heart and digestive health, brain function, balance, strength, sleep, stress relief, immune function, pain, and anxiety. The Tai Chi Chih movements can be learned by people of all ages and abilities and done standing or sitting down. They are most effective when practiced for 10 to 15 minutes every day.​


Medical Quigong®

Through a combination of traditional Chinese medicine techniques, learn to release your body’s own medicine - the healer within. The techniques used include gentle movement, self massage, meditation and breathing techniques tailored to your body’s needs. We all contain the power to heal ourselves and support our own health, comfort, energy and peace of mind. These sessions can help you to unlock and activate the health giving abilities we all possess.

Gokhale Method® Instruction

Posture Evaluation With Photos
Personal 1 on 1 Instruction

Learn to sit, stand, sleep, bend and walk the healthy way all young children and our ancestors have used their bodies for thousands of years. Decrease back and musculoskeletal pain and enjoy doing the activities you love. This practical, safe and useful practice has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives without surgery, medical intervention or hours of daily exercise.
My Gokhale one-on-one classes are taught thru 


Tai Chi Chih Robert Cooks MD
Medical Qigong Roberta Cooks MD
Gokhale Method Roberta Cooks MD
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